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   BRAZIL - CEPEL ELECTRIC ENERGY RESEARCH CENTER, Special Technologies Department, Superconductivity Laboratory.  Internships in electrical engineering, electronic engineering, material sciences and engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, applied chemistry and applied physics.  Basic conversational Portuguese is required to communicate outside the lab.  Knowledge of computer programming is desirable: C, C++, MathLab, MathCAD, etc. (this would be desirable if a person would work with computational simulation).  CEPEL has about 500 employees and is the major energy provider to the City of Rio de Janeiro.
    BRAZIL - Eletrobras Cepel Electric Energy Research Center in Rio de Janeiro. Special Technologies Department, Superconductivity Laboratory. Undergraduates receive 800 Reais per month, graduates earn 1,500 Reais per month. Free lunch and free shuttle service. For majors in Electrical engineering, electronic engineering, Applied physics and chemistry, material engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, renewable energies. Local staff assists with housing accommodations
   BRAZIL - ISER Instituto de Estudos da Religiao, partially supported by the Ford Foundation, Gloria, Rio de Janeiro. Volunteer positions in the fields of neighborhood watch, research, training , gender studies, public security.

    COLOMBIA - Teach English at Rotary project in Bogota
    COLOMBIA - in Bogota.  Fiduprevisora investment banking company, room and board provided.  Unpaid. High level of Spanish required.
    COLOMBIA - Bogota. Work for government legislature.  Excellent Spanish required.  Ideal for political science major.  Unpaid.  

    COSTA RICA - Teach English at Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano in San Jose de Costa Rica, with room and board and a small monthly stipend of $ 70.- minimum of three terms = six months

   FINLAND -   Jot-Automation: a subsidiary of Rohwedder Electronics. Production solutions in Oulu.  Computer design work for robotics, automation processes, hardware, software, manufacturing logistics, building and designing prototypes.

Volkswagen: in Mumbai and Pune (production site) – automotive and mechanical engineering
Rehabilitation, education and cultural development center for abused children.  Unpaid volunteer positions in several locations. 
IRELAND - New Media Technology.  Various engineering positions.

INDIA - Two volunteer positions at the Balagram orphanage in Perumbavoor, Kerala province, in southern India.  Room and board are provided.  The orphanage serves 35 children.

Unique opportunity for a student majoring in the field of ecology or composting to work  for a large recycling plant on the island of Bali

INDONESIA - Volunteer at various orphanages on the island of Bali.  Suitable for people in the fields of social work, communications, art therapy, marketing.  Volunteers must love children ages 5-17.  Free housing is provided but participants must pay $100 to cover food costs. 

INDONESIA -  Yayasan Dharma Jati, a Hindu orphanage on the island of Bali.  The Dharma Jati Foundation was started 32 years ago. It has currently 70 kids, ages 5 - 25.  Teach English from 7 am - 10 am.  Schedule is breakfast snack at 6:00 AM, teach english from 7-10 AM, lunch at 11 AM, afternoon free until 6 PM dinner.  No work on Friday.  A participant would have her or his own room with a window on the third floor. Assist also with offerings, cleaning floors and other matters.  6 kids have no parents. 30 lost their parents later in life. This is a volunteer position, but room and board are provided. Bring some used clothes for a range of ages. The location is about 3 km from the center of Denpasar, the capital city of Bali. A student must be able to live on chicken, tofu, rice, sambal, crackers, fish, pork and water. The communication will be in English.

    IRELAND - North County Leader, a newspaper company in Dublin. For students majoring in journalism.
 IRELAND - Codec in Dublin.  Computer engineering.

JAPAN (Room and Board provided) - One position teaching English at three levels of a private school:  kindergarten, elementary and junior high school.  In Kanagawa prefecture.  Free room and board and a small stipend.  From June 10 to August 15, 2018.  Level of Japanese required - second to third year.  

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LAOS (English only) - LAO FRIENDS HOSPITAL FOR CHILDREN in Luang Prabang.  This is an unpaid English teaching position.  Teach English Monday - Friday, preferable with ESL teaching experience. There are 60 staff members (17 doctors and 37 nurses and technical assistants).  Each staff member is required to attend at least one English lesson per week.  A volunteer would teach 8 am until 5 pm, 5 days per week. Small class size: 3 - 6 students. They use the Oxford curriculum. The teaching would take place at the hospital. The hospital handles 100 patients per day. It has 22 beds and a communal kitchen. A candidate should bring US $ 1,800.  Accommodations are $400/month, plus food costs an additional $200/month. Luang Prabang is a UNESCO site with 36 restored Buddhist temples.

LAOS (English only) - Caruso Handicrafts in Vientiane and Luang Prabang. One student who can help with a website and other IT tasks including marketing.
     LAOS - English only.  Work in a computer center teaching school-age children how to use computers. 

   MEXICO - Mision Mexico: Dando Amor, Vida y Esperanza, an orphanage with 42 children in Chiapas, Southern Mexico

Volunteer positions working with children at various orphanages in Kathmandu.  Free room and board are provided.  Arrangements are made through the local Rotary Clubs.

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 1. Teaching English for some members of the Methodist Church in Ostroda.
2. Teaching English for the King’s School of English in Ostroda.

Paid internships in marketing, communication, administration, public relations, advertising, tourism, international relations, working for NGOs, human rights advocates.  Internships include either full room and board with a host family, or dormitory-style accommodations.

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TIBET - Two six month internships in Guest Relations at the St. Regis Hotel in Lhasa.  Monthly stipend of 2000 RMB (approx $330) plus room and board.  Some mandarin Chinese required.  We aware of the very high altitude of about 11,500 feet (3800 meters) and consult with your doctor if you are not accustomed to very high altitude.