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Siemens Limited (China), 2005

SIEMENS LIMITED CHINA, the third largest electrical and electronics market worldwide is interested in offering employment to the following students who are currently studying at American universities with an emphasis in the following three categories.

  1. Ph.D. Candidates who expect to receive their doctorate by June 2005.
    Profile requirements for SIEMENS CORPORATE TECHNOLOGY within the thesis topics of information, communication, industrial automation, and intelligent automotive.

    Some technical areas may include...
    • Wireless technologies
    • Ethernet-based communication
    • Programmable router based technologies
    • Broadband access
    • Optical networking
    • Network operations and security
    • IP QoS (Quality of Service)
    • Fixed/Mobile Convergence
    • Multimedia Applications/services
    • Sensor/Actuator technologies
    • Smart cars
    • Location-based technologies
    • Human-Computer interaction
    • Man-to-Machine interaction
    • Grid computing

    Candidates may be of Chinese origin, but can also be of other ethnic or national background. This application process does not require any administrative fees on the part of the student.

  2. MBA candidates who expect to be granted their diploma by June 2005.
    These prospective applicants must be either citizens of the People's Republic of China, of Hong Kong or Taiwan, or of Chinese origin would like to return to China on a permanent basis. They must also show proof of at least a two years of professional full-time working experience for Internal Audit (Beijing). In addition, the following three requirements are requisite for application.

    • 2 or more years of experience within the industry.
    • Significant experience in at least one of the mentioned business fields (alternatively: external operational audit experience) for business administration (Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing).
    • Work experience within a Commercial, BA department.

  3. M.S. candidates who expect to graduate by June 2005.
    They must either be citizens of the P.R. of China, of Hong Kong or Taiwan or of Chinese origin who would consider returning to China for permanent employment. Technical academic emphasis would be such focus areas as information and communications a minimum of is necessary.

    This application process does not require any administrative fees on the part of the applicant.

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