International Cooperative Education



ICE archived opportunities from 2006 - many are being offered this year also.

Many options are available for...

  1. Germany

  2. England

  3. Ghana

  4. Australia

  5. China

  6. Mongolia

  7. South America

  8. Japan

...and more! Check out the PDF listing for yourself: ICE 2006 New Listings.

Attention Ph.D, MBA, MS candidates: interested in working for Siemens Limited in China? Read here.

Continue reading below for a comprehensive list of opportunities in JAPAN, CHINA, and several areas in SOUTH AMERICA.

Business Internships in Japan
Below is a description of a variable number of opportunities currently available in Japan.

  • Internship Sponsors: Members of the Consumers' Co-Operative NET Group in the greater Tokyo region. They are food/non-food distributors to members only.

  • Time: late June until late August/early September

  • Conditions: 35 - 40 hours per week. 5 days per week. These internships place each participant in various company environments, i.e. several weeks in a distribution center with various tasks ranging from handling customer orders, marketing of weekly specials, receiving bulk materials from suppliers, assisting in the loading of orders for the Han Groups, helping a driver with daily deliveries, to an on-campus exposure of the Waseda University Co-Op in Tokyo in either the student book store, the restaurants or even the student travel office, to several weeks in a Co-Op retail store helping teams of employees in various departments.

  • Special Company Sponsored Events: Visits to the famous Nikko Shrine near Tokyo, company get-togethers, observation of membership drives and other social activities.

  • Housing: With two Japanese host-families, i.e., a complete integration into the social network of a family. This requires a high degree of personal motivation and commitment to fully accept the Japanese life style with a humble attitude and gratitude.

  • Company Responsibilities: Each Co-Op assigns a staff member to be responsible for the students' well being. The company donates 350,000 yen for the placement of each participating student, i.e., pays each family for complete room and board (food) accommodations, it reimburses the student for the daily local public transportation costs (subway, J.R. Line, or bus) to and from the work site and pays for lunch during working days and for all other expenses associated with special events.

  • Visa Requirements: in order to obtain the CULTURAL ACTIVITIES VISA (later to be issued by the nearest Consulate General of Japan) for this company sponsored internship, a student must enroll in one or several academic units either under the title of "Independent Studies" or "Experiential Learning" and submit such proof to the ICE Office. This is a very intensive learning experience and requires a lengthy time of preparation.

  • Language Requirement: Students with at minimum of two years of Japanese classes. A student must be currently enrolled in a Japanese class and demonstrate sufficient conversational knowledge of Japanese and a serious interest in the Japanese business community of Co-Op.

For more information, check out the company profile at

Interested in Beijing, China? There are a number of new opportunities available to students with computer science, hardware, and technology backgrounds. Check out the list below for outlines and links to detailed descriptions of what's now available!

  1. Broadband Hardware Engineer
    Full Details

  2. Broadband Software Developer
    Full Details

  3. Broadband Test Engineer
    Full Details

  4. C, C++ Developer
    Full Details

  5. C, C++ Software Architect
    Full Details

  6. JAVA Developer
    Full Details

  7. JAVA Senior Developer
    Full Details

  8. Realtime Embedded Software Developer
    Full Details

  9. Leader of Realtime Embedded Software Group
    Full Details

All of the above opportunities are situated in Nanjing, China, and are a part of SIEMENS Program and System Engineering.

New internships in South America for 2006!



  • Rotary Club Quito Equinoccio, Pich
    Banco del Estado: Teaching English, and more


  • Agencia Peruana de Cooperacion Internacional (APCI)
    Miraflores, Lima:
    Areas: Law, Social Development, Health fields, Teaching English, and more

  • Colegio Pestalozzi Suizo in Miraflores, Lima
    Teaching English at high school level:

  • Rotary Club of the City of Arequipa, Peru
    Health related fields, facilities for senior citizens, Orphanages, teaching English, and more upon request


  • Centro Boliviano Americano (CBA): Cochabamba and Santa Cruz de la Sierra
    Teaching English and general office work:

  • Colegio Tiquitaya in Cochabamba (a private and exclusive high school)
    Teaching English, Health related fields, social work, institute for the blind

  • Cooperative Rural de Electrification (CRE): in Santa Cruz de la Sierra
    Information Technology and/or Electrical Engineering (construction of electric power plants):


  • Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano (ICANA), Buenos Aires
    Teaching English (ideal for ESL students), workshops for legal English, business English, Journalism:

  • New Westland School (A private English School in Olavarria, Province of Buenos Aires)
    Teaching English in General Villegas, Assistance with various library projects (Biblioteca de General Villegas), more positions in other fields upon request

  • El Centro Ense˝anza de Lengua Inglesa, CELI (Realico, Province of La Pampa)
    English teaching positions (women only):

  • Private English School with 70 students in Coronel Moldes, Province of Cordoba
    Teaching English position (only a female student)

  • Blossom, Instituto Superior y Colegio, in Mendoza
    One teaching English position Technoaccion (Engineering Office with 70 software and hardware specialists In San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia)
    1 - 2 positions in the fields of computer engineering, specifics upon request:


  • Business News Americas: Latin America’s Business Information Leader in Las Condes, Santiago
    One position for an advanced student in the field of journalism, one position for a student in the field of information technology:

  • Colegio Suizo de Santiago, 600 students
    Teaching English and act as private tutor: